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☆ Duty 1 - Awakening in the 50s--All you need to do is to duck and cover

Morning > 5719 Cunningham Lane > [ Housemates ]

[ Hayate wakes up in an unfamiliar bed. He notices that this was not the Sanzenin Mansion, nor, the apartment that they had moved in just recently. Could it be that he died? The boy shook his head to deny that, there must have been some sort explanation. He walks around to explore this house wondering if by any chance his mistress was here. ]

"Um... Mistress? Are you here?"

[ The male sighs after a few minutes of searching the rooms. He stumbles into the kitchen coincidently and stares at the kitchen supplies that were just lying there ready for him to touch. Well, there was one thing that would keep his mind busy: 


The butler grabs a paper towel along with a window cleaner. He takes a deep breath and starts cleaning the windows. ]

Afternoon > After School > [ Anyone ]
Haa... School is boring without the mistress. Although come to think of it, I couldn't find anyone remotely familiar there and the information they were teaching... Duck and cover drills? Communists? Hmm... They seem to be behind the current times...  Uwahh~ What do I do? I have no clue where this place is or where the mistress is... 

[ The butler just sits around at a random curve, wondering if anyone here can tell him any kind information he needed to know. ]

Evening > Phone > [ Anyone ]

[ nervous laughter ] Uh, Hello everyone, um... I seem to have been separated from my mistress. She is usually wearing twintails and will mostly be complaining about a video game or having you read her manga. If you do encounter her um, please tell her that her butler, Hayate, is waiting for her at this address. 

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[Elsie spots Hayate sitting on the curve looking confused it seems]

You noticed that the school is out dated to?

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Oh hello there~. Um, yeah, what is wrong with this school? It is as if we traveled back in time...?

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Some people today at lunch told me this place is set in the 50's. I don't really understand it though.

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It sounds confusing, but-- [ he sighs ] we have to make the best of it. Perhaps in time there will be a way back?

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I don't know, Kami-sama filled me in and they place seems like it's imposable to get out of.

They even took all my stuff!

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Haa...? Is that so. There must be a way or we would not be here.

The same goes for me too.


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Well, that's why this place is 1950s America.

Re: action;

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...1950s America? That explains it...




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What, did nobody tell you about Mayfield yet?


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Yeah. This place is called Mayfield.

Re: action;

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Hmm... I've never heard of it... Where is it on the map?

Re: action;

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Isn't that far away...?


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It depends where you're from.


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"What is her name?"

Re: Phone

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Haa... well her name is Nagi Sanzenin.

Re: Phone

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"Never heard of her. She must not be a very good manga artist."

Re: Phone

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Well she hasn't debuted yet, but she will in the next convention, at least I hope... She's been in a slump lately... [ he sighs ]

( house )

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So, are you supposed to be living here or did you just wander in?

[ legitimate question. this would not be the first time it has happened. ]

Re: ( house )

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[ at last contact! he turned around and let out a nervous laugh ]

Well um... I'm not sure... I woke up in a bed here so I guess... I'll be living here?

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Fine. Just don't make too much noise or trouble and there won't be any problems.

[ ... ] Has anybody told you about Mayfield yet?

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I'll be sure to take care of anything, so you can count on me. I'm a butler after all.

Not that I recall no...

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... Get somebody else to tell you about it, then. [ he doesn't want to. ]

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Oh my... Then why are we here if it is that horrible...?

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That's what everybody wants to know. It's not like any of us are here by choice.


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You're a butler? That's so cool!

I'll let you know if I see her! By the way, I'm Mayoi Hachikuji! Welcome to Mayfield!

Re: phone

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Yes I am~ Butler to Nagi Sanzenin, my mistress.

Thank you very much, Hachikuji-san.


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She sounds like a cool person!

Hey, do you have any questions about this place?


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Hayate, she isn't coming for a very long time probably, so I suggest you enjoy your freedom from your mistress.

[ She says the last mark with some bitterness. Wang Liu Mei, even as brief as being with her was, is quite the pain in the ass ]

Re: C;

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But she's my life... [debtdebtdebt]

Haa... I suppose I could look around and sightsee...

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That's the spirit! You're going to wish you were home anyways when things begin to unsettle and everyone decides to kill each other.

Good luck! Since your master isn't here, maybe I should become your new one?

sdfsdfj late reply sorry ;W;

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!! K-Killing each other? What the- What kind of place is this?

Thanks very much miss~


A new master?

no issue!!

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It's a friendly place! Sort of! Sometimes We get screwed over by the people in charge and chaos and death ensue. Haven't you received a pamphlet?!

Yeah! A new master!! Like, Nena Trinity. Me!

Re: no issue!!

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No I have not received a pamphlet...? Should it be in my room?

... Hm... I'm not quite sure...

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Someone else has to give you your pamphlet! It tells you about the place! I can bring one over if you like, but you need to tell me your address!

sadfsj late

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That would be great, thank you very much Trinity-san.

Here you are: 5719 Cunningham Lane.

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I'll be there shortly.

[ And so she arrives - parking her car on his lawn before charging in and kicking down the door ]

Hayate? Hayate?! I have a pamphlet for you! [ She'll wave it around a bit ]

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Alright then, I shall be waiting!

[ Though he didn't have to wait that long as he hear the door suddenly fall over. He went over to living room as his mouth was left agape in surprise. It took a few minutes for him to return to his senses and walk over to the crazy girl. ]

Um... You didn't have to kick down the door you know.

[ Hayate laughs nervously, but he could fix the door later. ]

Though, thank you very much.

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But, kicking down doors is fun!! It's better than knocking and waiting

[ And she hands him the pamphlet, linked earlier ;A; ]

Now read this!

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Haha... I see, but I still prefer knocking and waiting for politeness. Though, it's not a problem, thank you very much for coming here with your busy life.

[ He takes and the pamphlet and reads it over. Once finished he just stood there, his mouth agape. ]

W-What in the world. This sounds crazy, something out of some sci-fi manga. I don't know what to think...


What's in that milk?

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Well, I don't care what you prefer! Nena does things her way! It's more efficient than listening to others.

[ she pauses ]

Hmm... what's a manga??

And we're not sure, but if you drink it you get really sick for 3 days and then you die. I tried once on my drone parents. Don't worry, they can't feel pain or anything. They just complained about how they couldn't go to work and then vomitted blood everywhere. It was so gross.

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[ This girl was pretty interesting, she reminded him of his mistress. Those similar words. ]

Haa? Um, well a manga is a sort of comic.



That does sound gross, though... I've bled a lot in my time so I shouldn't really compare haha.