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Name: Ayasaki Hayate 「綾崎 ハヤテ」
Neorn Number: #0098
Mayfield Name: Kusanagi Hayate
Series: Hayate the Combat Butler
Date Arrived: May 15th, 2011 (1st Entry)
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 16
Birthdate: November 11th
Gender: Female Male
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood type: A
Hair/Eyes: Blue
Neorn Housing: A-107 with Doctor John Smith
Mayfield Housing: 5719 Cunningham Lane

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"Hello, you've reach Hayate Ayasaki. Leave a message if you need any help of some kind unless it has something to do with tigers... "

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  [ Hayate eyed at something across from him in the kitchen. He stared at it for a few minutes, remembering what the radio broadcast said. It was now a law to drink this horrid drink. Though, he was often warned about it, so now what? ]

Haah... I guess it wouldn't hurt to try... I mean... I've been wondering  what the milk here tastes like anyways. Plus, if I can drink it and am immune to those effects that people have told me about, I can help my friends if they do not want to drink it. Yeah, that's right.

[ He nods to himself, thinking this was a great idea. It was then he started drinking it, stopping every so often to see how his well-being was handling this. After some time passed, he finished the whole carton without meaning too. ]

...Well that wasn't so bad... Haha I don't really see why it's so horrible. It tasted fine to me and I'm still alive so... I don't know...

A. Phone | Unfiltered

Everyone, Everyone I have great news I drank the milk and I feel so... ugh annoyed! I mean come on, what the hell Mayfield, you can't handle a little milk in your diets? The milk is harmless, I've had worse back home! Compared to this I-- [ suddenly there is the sound of weeping ] I'm so sorry, really sorry Mayfield... I can't  seem control myself right now... I'm a failure... I've always been a failure. I wanted to save people by drinking their milk, but... it seems I failed to even become immune to drinking my own...

[ As you can see people, Hayate has problems with his hormones. ]

B. Action | Park

[ Hello Mayfield, you'll find Hayate in the park kicking mostly everything in sight. Careful now, his emotions are on a rampage. He originally came to the park trying to figure out a cure to his predicament, but yet to no avail. Feel free to engage him in battle, calm him down, or wait till his other emotions arrise, ]

C. Action | Downtown

[  Even though he wasn't in any condition to be going out, he did it anyway. You'll find him running around spreading joy to others. He'll have a basket filled with fresh-picked flowers ready to give to everyone. ]

D. Fast-foward to August 21 | Phone

...So... Oh man... I owe Mayfield an apology for the way I acted yesterday... I really should not have given into temptation of drinking that milk carton. For those I've inflicted any sort of injury too, please feel free to request of me just about anything that I can do in my power.
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Phone > Anyone

Um...  There's something I haven't told you Mayfield. I, I feel like I have to get this off my chest so um, I hope you do not mind what I'm about to say. I have not told a soul since I have arrived here, but... here goes.

I have worn women's clothing on numerous occasions

I-It was not by choice might I add--

Oh wait, no I must confess I have crossdressed on my own free will at times.

Though, it was to keep a misunderstanding from happening, but... as my luck would have it, it ended up as one. I-I was going to tell her that I was a guy, I mean I should have from the beginning, but I just could not find the right time to tell her until the student council abruptly told her when I was about to.

Haah... Though even before that, it was to ease Klauss' loneliness. but he saw right through me. U-Um it was to cheer him up, not like I had any feelings of some sort towards him. Just because Kotetsu had fallen for me does not mean I am in any sort of relationship with him. 

A-Ah, I said too much already... 
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Morning > Phone [ Anyone ]

Um, does anyone know what's going around here? Everyone's acting all weird--not like weird is bad or anything, but something seems dangerously off...

[ Hayate heaves a sigh as he waits for someone to respond. ]

Afternoon > Action [ Anyone ]

[ Afternoon Mayfield you'll find Hayate walking in the park searching for any clues as the events of today. Today was a sort of celebration--There were people with flags. Hayate placed a hand to his head, memories of a loving father and himself streamed into his head. ]

W-What is this? No, my father wasn't like this...

[ You live in Jap--Mayfield. He shook his head, that wasn't right either. The boy leaned against a tree and closed his eyes as he tried to calm his breathing. ]

Hah. So I'm finally experiencing the bad side to this town after all. Heh.
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Afternoon > 5719 Cunningham Lane > [ Action/Anyone ]

Uwah, I forgot that tomorrow is the swimsuit party.

...I wonder if I should just skip the party then. I can't go with these clothes...


Though, there may be a chance that someone I know might be there. Hmm... Now if only I can find swimsuit store. Ahh! I knew I should have explored more before getting the groceries.

No use crying about it now Hayate, better search for a place before it closes. 

Haah. Anything will do~!

[ Hayate walks out of his "house" and searches high and low for any sign of a store. Just saying 'anything will do' will probably be a regret later, but for now, he's just trying to find at least a 'normal' swimsuit.

So, any of you want to give a hand to Hayate, please do~

Also, backdated to the afternoon since LJ was being a douche today... ]
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[ Hayate walks over to the calendar as he starts his day. Today was the 19th, but what caught his eye was the next text under it: Fathers Day. ]



Heh, so it's that day again is it?... 

[  Hayate let out a dry laugh followed by a sigh.
He was able to contain himself during last years Fathers Day only because his Mistress and Maria were able to remove his father from his thoughts. ]
Dad and Mom were lousy parents to me. I only had big brother to rely on and I don't even know where he's off too. 
To stealing my classmates' lunch money, selling Athena's precious ring, not only that, but to sell me to the 'nice people' for a debt of 156, 804, 000 yen now that takes the cake.
Haah.. If only big brother were here or the mistress... anyone I know...
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Morning > 5719 Cunningham Lane > [ Housemates ]

[ Hayate wakes up in an unfamiliar bed. He notices that this was not the Sanzenin Mansion, nor, the apartment that they had moved in just recently. Could it be that he died? The boy shook his head to deny that, there must have been some sort explanation. He walks around to explore this house wondering if by any chance his mistress was here. ]

"Um... Mistress? Are you here?"

[ The male sighs after a few minutes of searching the rooms. He stumbles into the kitchen coincidently and stares at the kitchen supplies that were just lying there ready for him to touch. Well, there was one thing that would keep his mind busy: 


The butler grabs a paper towel along with a window cleaner. He takes a deep breath and starts cleaning the windows. ]

Afternoon > After School > [ Anyone ]
Haa... School is boring without the mistress. Although come to think of it, I couldn't find anyone remotely familiar there and the information they were teaching... Duck and cover drills? Communists? Hmm... They seem to be behind the current times...  Uwahh~ What do I do? I have no clue where this place is or where the mistress is... 

[ The butler just sits around at a random curve, wondering if anyone here can tell him any kind information he needed to know. ]

Evening > Phone > [ Anyone ]

[ nervous laughter ] Uh, Hello everyone, um... I seem to have been separated from my mistress. She is usually wearing twintails and will mostly be complaining about a video game or having you read her manga. If you do encounter her um, please tell her that her butler, Hayate, is waiting for her at this address. 
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