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綾崎 ハヤテ ✩ Ayasaki Hayate ([personal profile] combatbutler) wrote2011-07-14 06:54 am

☆ Duty 5 - Confessions of a teenage drama gi--boy! [Stage 3]

Phone > Anyone

Um...  There's something I haven't told you Mayfield. I, I feel like I have to get this off my chest so um, I hope you do not mind what I'm about to say. I have not told a soul since I have arrived here, but... here goes.

I have worn women's clothing on numerous occasions

I-It was not by choice might I add--

Oh wait, no I must confess I have crossdressed on my own free will at times.

Though, it was to keep a misunderstanding from happening, but... as my luck would have it, it ended up as one. I-I was going to tell her that I was a guy, I mean I should have from the beginning, but I just could not find the right time to tell her until the student council abruptly told her when I was about to.

Haah... Though even before that, it was to ease Klauss' loneliness. but he saw right through me. U-Um it was to cheer him up, not like I had any feelings of some sort towards him. Just because Kotetsu had fallen for me does not mean I am in any sort of relationship with him. 

A-Ah, I said too much already... 

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