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綾崎 ハヤテ ✩ Ayasaki Hayate ([personal profile] combatbutler) wrote2011-06-28 10:50 pm

☆ Duty 3 - A Suit today, A Swimsuit Tomorrow... Hopefully...

Afternoon > 5719 Cunningham Lane > [ Action/Anyone ]

Uwah, I forgot that tomorrow is the swimsuit party.

...I wonder if I should just skip the party then. I can't go with these clothes...


Though, there may be a chance that someone I know might be there. Hmm... Now if only I can find swimsuit store. Ahh! I knew I should have explored more before getting the groceries.

No use crying about it now Hayate, better search for a place before it closes. 

Haah. Anything will do~!

[ Hayate walks out of his "house" and searches high and low for any sign of a store. Just saying 'anything will do' will probably be a regret later, but for now, he's just trying to find at least a 'normal' swimsuit.

So, any of you want to give a hand to Hayate, please do~

Also, backdated to the afternoon since LJ was being a douche today... ]

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[... kids these days just talk to themselves a lot. Oh well, Kyo is just going to watch him leave the house and then just go back to reading the paper or whatever dads are supposed to do in this town.

He's not really good at this father role thing.]

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[ Hayate stops his panicking. There was no need to panic right now, he had to think calmly and rationally. He glanced around and saw his not!father. Maybe he knew where to find a swimsuit store! It was worth a try! ]

A-Ah, hello!
I was wondering if I could ask a question.