combatbutler: (✩ FML)
綾崎 ハヤテ ✩ Ayasaki Hayate ([personal profile] combatbutler) wrote2011-06-19 06:48 am

☆ Duty 2 - Fathers Day? Fathers Day... May I pray he won't take away my pay

[ Hayate walks over to the calendar as he starts his day. Today was the 19th, but what caught his eye was the next text under it: Fathers Day. ]



Heh, so it's that day again is it?... 

[  Hayate let out a dry laugh followed by a sigh.
He was able to contain himself during last years Fathers Day only because his Mistress and Maria were able to remove his father from his thoughts. ]
Dad and Mom were lousy parents to me. I only had big brother to rely on and I don't even know where he's off too. 
To stealing my classmates' lunch money, selling Athena's precious ring, not only that, but to sell me to the 'nice people' for a debt of 156, 804, 000 yen now that takes the cake.
Haah.. If only big brother were here or the mistress... anyone I know...

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