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☆ Duty 2 - Fathers Day? Fathers Day... May I pray he won't take away my pay

[ Hayate walks over to the calendar as he starts his day. Today was the 19th, but what caught his eye was the next text under it: Fathers Day. ]



Heh, so it's that day again is it?... 

[  Hayate let out a dry laugh followed by a sigh.
He was able to contain himself during last years Fathers Day only because his Mistress and Maria were able to remove his father from his thoughts. ]
Dad and Mom were lousy parents to me. I only had big brother to rely on and I don't even know where he's off too. 
To stealing my classmates' lunch money, selling Athena's precious ring, not only that, but to sell me to the 'nice people' for a debt of 156, 804, 000 yen now that takes the cake.
Haah.. If only big brother were here or the mistress... anyone I know...

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[ guess who gives exactly no (0) shits about parenting angst? yeah, Hayate's not!brother right here. ]

Are you done spilling your heart out now?

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[ he nods sullenly ]

Yeah, I'm done... I just need to--OW...

[ He started to walk away from the calendar only to run into a wall. The blue haired boy rubbed his head, laughing nervously. ]

In any case, do you need anything for me to clean um 'brother'?

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No. I was just wondering how much longer you needed before you were finished.

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Oh, well um... I feel better now...

Thank you.

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I didn't do anything. There's nothing to thank me for.


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That's quite the past. [ She has no sympathy, but the town forced to her kind! ] Do you want a little cake to cheer you up?

Re: phone;

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I'm trying to as hard as I can to repay my mistress for her kindness she has showed me.

Ah... cake sounds good right now... Thank you very much for offering.

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Good luck. Some women are never pleased.

[ Se's walking around the room, her heels clatter on the floor ]

It's not a problem. Where's your address? I'm taking you to the bakery.

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Haha, thanks, I'll be sure to note that.

It's been a while since I've been to a bakery. Mmm.

Here you are, 5719 Cunningham Lane.

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Do you know how to drive?

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Um... My parents never bothered teaching me so, I'm afraid not...

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Really? This is quite the situation.

I predate these cars by about 40 years.

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Yeep, most certainly is haha. [ scratches head ]

Hmm... is that so...

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Yes. So for now, the cake is a lie.

Have a nice day, Hayate.

[ She hangs up the phone. ]

[ Phone ]

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... 156,804,000 yen!?

[ Phone ]

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Yes... indeed so. My parents took my paycheck from my last job and then left this note...

I owe my mistress my life and for that, I must work until my debt is repaid.

[ Phone ]

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Calling your no-good parents just "lousy" doesn't quite measure to the severity of the crime. I would have choice words for them if they did that to me.

[ Phone ]

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I've gotten used to it... but haah...

Who would have ever believed me if I reported them. My boss gave them my last paycheck and wouldn't believe me when I said they gamble it all or invest it in their 'dreams'.