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☆ Duty 6 - Time of the Month [ Hormone Free Milk ]

  [ Hayate eyed at something across from him in the kitchen. He stared at it for a few minutes, remembering what the radio broadcast said. It was now a law to drink this horrid drink. Though, he was often warned about it, so now what? ]

Haah... I guess it wouldn't hurt to try... I mean... I've been wondering  what the milk here tastes like anyways. Plus, if I can drink it and am immune to those effects that people have told me about, I can help my friends if they do not want to drink it. Yeah, that's right.

[ He nods to himself, thinking this was a great idea. It was then he started drinking it, stopping every so often to see how his well-being was handling this. After some time passed, he finished the whole carton without meaning too. ]

...Well that wasn't so bad... Haha I don't really see why it's so horrible. It tasted fine to me and I'm still alive so... I don't know...

A. Phone | Unfiltered

Everyone, Everyone I have great news I drank the milk and I feel so... ugh annoyed! I mean come on, what the hell Mayfield, you can't handle a little milk in your diets? The milk is harmless, I've had worse back home! Compared to this I-- [ suddenly there is the sound of weeping ] I'm so sorry, really sorry Mayfield... I can't  seem control myself right now... I'm a failure... I've always been a failure. I wanted to save people by drinking their milk, but... it seems I failed to even become immune to drinking my own...

[ As you can see people, Hayate has problems with his hormones. ]

B. Action | Park

[ Hello Mayfield, you'll find Hayate in the park kicking mostly everything in sight. Careful now, his emotions are on a rampage. He originally came to the park trying to figure out a cure to his predicament, but yet to no avail. Feel free to engage him in battle, calm him down, or wait till his other emotions arrise, ]

C. Action | Downtown

[  Even though he wasn't in any condition to be going out, he did it anyway. You'll find him running around spreading joy to others. He'll have a basket filled with fresh-picked flowers ready to give to everyone. ]

D. Fast-foward to August 21 | Phone

...So... Oh man... I owe Mayfield an apology for the way I acted yesterday... I really should not have given into temptation of drinking that milk carton. For those I've inflicted any sort of injury too, please feel free to request of me just about anything that I can do in my power.


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Awah~ you're not a failure Hayate! I wish I could do the same thing and drink all the milk but Kami-sama said not to. B-but I don't want anyone to get hurt from it.


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B-But I am! I really I just...

[ suddenly there is the sound of dishes shattering. Yep Hayate was throwing dishes to help ease his pain. ]

--Though, I guess it can't be helped. I'll just throw stuff in the meantime~ Hahahaha~ Throwing, throwing everything I can~ ♪

Re: A

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T-that's not good! [Since when was breaking dishes ever good?]

U-um, I think there's better ways to solve things other then throwing dishes on the floor.

A ;; lateness >>

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Really? What would that be? Fighting someone would be nice... I'd love to take a crack out of punching someone's lights out.

[ oh dear ]


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H-how about punching a pillow instead! Punching someone would really hurt and that's bad!


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Haah? Punching a pillow isn't nearly as amusing--

but I think it would help hold my tears...

[ and there he goes bawwing ]


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Please don't cry Hayate! Maybe you're just not feeling well? Mm! thats it you should get some rest.

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Though... I'm afraid that this will haunt me in my dreams.

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H-how about going for a walk then? Fresh air should help clear your head.


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[Rena was very close to giving Hayate a stern talking to about how her precious little Rika drank razor blades--but then he started crying... How could she yell at someone like that?]

Hauu... You drank the milk, did you? Don't worry, it's not your fault. Rena promises.


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Y...Yes I did, but I still feel horribleee~ Waaahhh, why does everything go wrong... I only wanted to help...


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[About those flowers? See them get BURNED as a wave of fire suddenly flies in front of Hayate and a very ticked off Kyo slowly making his way towards him.]

Well aren't you one ugly sack of something? Looks like Mayfield is going to show me another interesting thing today. Well that's just peachy.

C ;; yay lateness >>

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...M-My flowers... H-How could you, father... [ he sniffs as tears start falling from his face ]