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☆ Duty 5 - Confessions of a teenage drama gi--boy! [Stage 3]

Phone > Anyone

Um...  There's something I haven't told you Mayfield. I, I feel like I have to get this off my chest so um, I hope you do not mind what I'm about to say. I have not told a soul since I have arrived here, but... here goes.

I have worn women's clothing on numerous occasions

I-It was not by choice might I add--

Oh wait, no I must confess I have crossdressed on my own free will at times.

Though, it was to keep a misunderstanding from happening, but... as my luck would have it, it ended up as one. I-I was going to tell her that I was a guy, I mean I should have from the beginning, but I just could not find the right time to tell her until the student council abruptly told her when I was about to.

Haah... Though even before that, it was to ease Klauss' loneliness. but he saw right through me. U-Um it was to cheer him up, not like I had any feelings of some sort towards him. Just because Kotetsu had fallen for me does not mean I am in any sort of relationship with him. 

A-Ah, I said too much already... 

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Cross dressing?

Kami-sama has done something like that before! I'm sure you look cute in girl's clothing Hayate.

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R-really? I cannot picture him the type to do so...

...Ah, well I've been told my skin is soft... and that my face looks like a girl's, but that doesn't mean I look cute in them... despite milady's reaction to me that one time...

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Well it was for one of the loose souls we had to capture. So Kami-sama had to do it even if it was embarrassing.

But, if other people think you look nice in girl's clothing it has to be true!

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Hah, is that so? How interesting... I wonder if I should question him about it sometime...?

E-Eh...? I just cannot see that though...

[ yeep keep denying Hayate... ]

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Well why don't you try going in to town dressed in cute clothing? I'm sure you'll get a lot of nice comments from everyone!

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E-Eh in front of everyone...?

...though I'm afraid no one will take me seriously after...

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Um, well no one will be able to tell it's you right?

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If I had a wig, perhaps it would work...


T-Though, I shouldn't...

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Maybe someone has a wig you can borrow?

I-if you don't want to then you should just dress normally!

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Mmm... I don't know anyone who does really.

A-Ah alright then.

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Maybe one of the shops in town sells costumes and wigs?

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!! There are shops like that in Mayfield...?

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I've only been in town to get food, maybe they do? U-um we can go check later if you want?

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Yeah, I've only done the same. Mmm... Well that sounds like a great idea Elsie-san, we can explore more of Mayfield that way.

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That sounds great, exploring the town seems like it's going to be fun! Maybe I can drag Kami-sama along? He hasn't been out of his room all week...

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Yeah it does sound like a great idea. Sure, the more the merrier I always say... It would give Keima-san a chance to walk around more...

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Mm! Hopefully I can drag him out of the house. He's been staying inside since summer started... [Worried sister is worried]

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E-Eh? Well that's not healthy... he should really get out more. If I can get milady out of the house, we can both get him out. Mmm... Though we have to plan this out carefully...

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Maybe if we take his PFP he'll come out of the house? I don't think he has an unlimited supply like he does back home...

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That just might work, but hmm how will take it from him if he's on 24/7... I imagine he's more of a gamer than milady would be.

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Hm, well we could get it while he's asleep? U-um that might be a bit hard though, Kami-sama only sleeps when he passes out when he's busy with games.

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That's a great idea--

Oh is that so... hmm... Wow he really does seem more dedicated to games than milady.

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Kami-sama is the capturing god, a lot of people go to his website for game help!

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Mmm, very impressive if I might so say for himself, but doesn't this affect his school work at the very least?...

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Well Kami-sama has straight A's in all his classes.

I don't really know how he does it but, he plays games in class all day and still gets perfects on everything!

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S-straight As you say?

[ Even with all he's done, having straight As in Hakuou still serves as troublesome, though to think that Keima would have enough time to study the material, no wait scratch that, be able to comprehend the material while playing games. ]

That is quite a feat. I'm impressed that he can be able to withhold it... maybe he can teach me how to get them...

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Mm! Kami-sama is a perfect student, there's only one time he didn't get a perfect on a test but he was helping me and my friends study!

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Mm... Well that was nice of him at least haha.

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He was angry about it though, but it was the best grade on a test I've gotten!

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Haha, well congrats on that then! It's good to feel rewarded when you've worked hard for it...

phone, stage 3.

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...At least you can finally acknowledge it. I've seen otherwise.

phone, stage 3.

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[ Ohohoho, perhaps everyone is a crossdresser at heart! ]

...Mm... is that so...? Though I guess it can be hard to admit it considering we do not want others to see us differently... at least that is what I think.

phone, stage 3.

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In his case, he simply was doing it out of...jealousy, I suppose. It was completely pathetic. Of course, But being caught is much more demeaning than admitting it yourself, isn't it?

phone, stage 3.

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Mm... Jealousy huh...? Yeah, I can see it. Being caught is the worst feeling... Haah... I should know.