combatbutler: (✩ Facepalm)
綾崎 ハヤテ ✩ Ayasaki Hayate ([personal profile] combatbutler) wrote2011-07-04 09:36 pm

☆ Duty 4 - Madness? THIS. IS. MAYFIELD! [25%]

Morning > Phone [ Anyone ]

Um, does anyone know what's going around here? Everyone's acting all weird--not like weird is bad or anything, but something seems dangerously off...

[ Hayate heaves a sigh as he waits for someone to respond. ]

Afternoon > Action [ Anyone ]

[ Afternoon Mayfield you'll find Hayate walking in the park searching for any clues as the events of today. Today was a sort of celebration--There were people with flags. Hayate placed a hand to his head, memories of a loving father and himself streamed into his head. ]

W-What is this? No, my father wasn't like this...

[ You live in Jap--Mayfield. He shook his head, that wasn't right either. The boy leaned against a tree and closed his eyes as he tried to calm his breathing. ]

Hah. So I'm finally experiencing the bad side to this town after all. Heh.

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