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☆ Duty 4 - Madness? THIS. IS. MAYFIELD! [25%]

Morning > Phone [ Anyone ]

Um, does anyone know what's going around here? Everyone's acting all weird--not like weird is bad or anything, but something seems dangerously off...

[ Hayate heaves a sigh as he waits for someone to respond. ]

Afternoon > Action [ Anyone ]

[ Afternoon Mayfield you'll find Hayate walking in the park searching for any clues as the events of today. Today was a sort of celebration--There were people with flags. Hayate placed a hand to his head, memories of a loving father and himself streamed into his head. ]

W-What is this? No, my father wasn't like this...

[ You live in Jap--Mayfield. He shook his head, that wasn't right either. The boy leaned against a tree and closed his eyes as he tried to calm his breathing. ]

Hah. So I'm finally experiencing the bad side to this town after all. Heh.


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[That wasn't a good sign. Nina could take some time off from her own private freakout to deal with someone else's. Her approach was slow and cautious but the concern in her eyes, and her voice, was obvious.]

Are you feeling okay?

[Of course he clearly isn't, but it's best to start things off slowly.]

[action] Ninaaaa ;w;

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[ Oh so he wasn't alone at the park, but he came there to find clues so he shouldn't mind too much. He opened his eyes to see a beautiful girl, his breathing had finally calmed down. ]

A bit better, but I'll survive.

[ Hayate placed a hand to his hand and let out a nervous laugh. He always gets tangled up with girls really. ]

Um, do you know what's going on lately? Something's off...


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["Off?" That wasn't good. He sounded like he didn't know what was happening.]

You haven't been here long, have you?

[Her voice is gentle. Sad, even haunted, but gentle. She understands, better than she'd like to.]

Mayfield does things like this to us from time to time. If you have memories of living here, being born here, they aren't true, and you're not the only one struggling with them. I wish I could say this is uncommon, but it really isn't.
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Re: ;w;!!!

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No, I can't say I have miss. This is my first encounter with this side of Mayfield...

I see, so that's why I've been having flashbacks to having... [ he stops, as he remembers his own flaky father while letting his head hung low. ] a loving father. [ he said that last part hesitantly; not having known a caring father. ]


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That's what I've been tryin' to figure out all morning!


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Have you any clues to why?... It's so odd that everyone's celebrating--I mean we're trapped her right?...


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No, I don't. And they're celebrating because it's the fourth.


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Where I come from the fourth of July is just a regular day... Huh. How odd.