combatbutler: (✩ Eh? Blush)
綾崎 ハヤテ ✩ Ayasaki Hayate ([personal profile] combatbutler) wrote2011-06-28 10:50 pm

☆ Duty 3 - A Suit today, A Swimsuit Tomorrow... Hopefully...

Afternoon > 5719 Cunningham Lane > [ Action/Anyone ]

Uwah, I forgot that tomorrow is the swimsuit party.

...I wonder if I should just skip the party then. I can't go with these clothes...


Though, there may be a chance that someone I know might be there. Hmm... Now if only I can find swimsuit store. Ahh! I knew I should have explored more before getting the groceries.

No use crying about it now Hayate, better search for a place before it closes. 

Haah. Anything will do~!

[ Hayate walks out of his "house" and searches high and low for any sign of a store. Just saying 'anything will do' will probably be a regret later, but for now, he's just trying to find at least a 'normal' swimsuit.

So, any of you want to give a hand to Hayate, please do~

Also, backdated to the afternoon since LJ was being a douche today... ]

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